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Luxury Lady Jane hair extensions

Why are tape in hair extensions the best on the market today?

 Here's why...... Our damage free tape in hair extensions are perfect for all hair types. We have selected the very best hair quality so that you can enjoy your new hair for even longer. Lady Jane hair extensions are easy to wear, light weight, so no pulling on the natural hair or causing bald patches in scalp area, damage free, they are virtually invisible and lay flat to the head which makes them the most comfortable to wear, absolutely no shedding and they are reusable for up to one year.

 It is recommended to have your hair refitted after 12 weeks. This is why it is important to choose a high quality brand, so that you can reuse your hair. If you do not invest in good hair you will be forever having them removed and new hair put it. (not very cost effective, who an afford that right?) With lady Jane hair you can have them refitted for up to 1 whole year, making Lady Jane tape in hair extensions THE most cost effective style of extensions there is. AND did you know that they only take around 1 hour to apply? so no more sitting for hours and hours in a salon. Ahhh Bliss. 

We highly recommend that you take home our aftercare kit to ensure your hair extensions are looked after in the very best way possible. You can buy that in salon or here on our online store. 

 Please note: we will need to see your hair before you come in for your appointment so that we can colour match and run through any concerns you may have. Please make sure you book your consultation, you can do that at the BOOK HERE button.

We very much look forward to your visit.  Any questions?? call 01334652124


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